Our Dallmaco-equipment

Over the last 9 years we had invested at the request and for the solution of specific requirements of our customers and clients in our own equipment.
We use exclusively refrigerated semi trailers brand Schmitz Cargobull, which are in the following standards are available:

      • Double-decker
      • separation wall
      • Bi-temperature or multi-temperature including double-deck

As background for this investment was customer needs to be mentioned, as well as our competition.

In addition there is the claim to provide a safe and stable quality performance, as well as technical possibilities such as the Cargobull Telematics system.
Our own equipment is used exclusively on the relations of Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Hungary, Austria, Germany and part of Scandinavia.


Equipment Transport Partners / fixed charter

Furthermore our team used in regular-service:

      • frigo-trailers
      • Express vehicles up to 2.5 tons payload – temperature controlled trucks.
      • box-trailer with hanging-garment possibilities
      • Mega-trailer for the automotive-industry